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bim support
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BIM support

Do you need support on a project? Or is your BIM specialist sick or on leave? BIMSQUARE is happy to support you in your projects.

Under your supervision, our specialists perform the necessary work in the field of BIM. This can take the form of taking on a fixed assignment or doing modeling work. Our specialists can perform full service modeling work for your project. For example, you can think of architectural, constructive or installation-technical 2D, 3D or 4D modeling work. Our specialists can carry out these activities at your office to guarantee the optimal pace and quality.

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With BIMSQUARE, the integrity of information and consistent modeling is a plus. You can expect this from our specialists. Our BIM specialists are aware of the latest standards in the market and know, among other things, a project template according to the DRS 2.5.2. set up, model according to ILS 2.0 and manage a project according to ISO 19650. This enables BIMSQUARE to deliver the desired quality. When our specialists go to work, they consider the model as their own. They do everything they can (despite the workload) to guarantee the quality of the model at all times by processing gaps and yet at the same time continue to model consistently at all times.

If desired, we also take over the BIM direction or coordination of the project in all phases of the building’s life cycle. However, we do not take responsibility for the design. Either we model your design and manage the process around it, and can of course also advise you on important design issues.

Our services on support:
  • BIM Architectural modeling
  • BIM Structural modeling
  • BIM Electrical modeling
  • BIM Plumbing modeling
  • BIM Clash Detection
  • BIM Rendering & Walkthrough
  • BIM Revit Family creation
  • 3D BIM Visualizations
  • 4D BIM Planning