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bim optimization
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BIM optimization

Are you wondering how your organization is doing in the field of BIM? or do you have BIM optimization issues?

BIMSQUARE specialists are happy to help you with all your questions in the field of BIM and write with full passion and expertise a tailor-made advice plan for you. We have mapped out an Optimization Roadmap that gives you insight into how we would like to go through the optimization process with you.

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While optimizing your BIM working method, you, as an information manager or real estate manager, can think of the following issues:

  • How is the BIM level within my organization compared to the market?
  • Does my organization or BIM meet the latest standards and norms?
  • What new tools are on the market?
  • What is the quality of my BIM and the integrity of my information?
  • What are the qualities of my specialists in the field of BIM?
  • Etc.

These are just a few issues. Perhaps you have an issue that is not included? We hope that you will put us to the test, so that we are happy to advise you a solution with full passion.