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bim directors
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BIM directors

Are you looking for a BIM director who represents and supports your organization internally or externally (on projects)?

BIMSQUARE likes to operate as an extension of your organization in the field of BIM. Our BIM directors are ready to support and represent your organization towards the project team or other stakeholders.

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Our BIM directors have a proven background in the field of BIM. They can detect risks from the BIM process and validate models like no other. Our BIM directors have healthy discussions when it comes to ensuring the quality of the model and the integrity of the information. They know how to keep the focus between main and side issues. They know how to record the necessary agreements in a BIM implementation plan. They also ensure that the team adheres to the agreements made.

It is important that every stakeholder knows what their demarcation of information is, but it is also important that the team does not put unnecessary (or too little) information into the model. The model must have the information that meets the information need. The model must be built up consistently and with integrity according to the set requirements and standards. This means that the information must be included in a properly structured manner so that no data loss occurs when information is exchanged between the various stakeholders.

Our BIM directors have this knowledge, expertise and experience in-house. They ensure that they keep a grip on the BIM process on your behalf as an extension of your organization.

Drawing up a BIM implementation plan that meets the information needs and set requirements from the BIM protocol are tasks that naturally form part of their DNA. They manage this process in a natural way without any form of stress (regardless of the size of the project), they know how to let stakeholders work together as a team and to let discussions result in solutions.