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about us
We would like to introduce ourselves so that you know who we are and what we can do for your computerization issue of your real estate …


Our mission is to operate as a full-service “BIMSQUARE” “consultancy that, in addition to advice and support, operates as a BS academy that develops and shares practical BIM knowledge, training and innovations.


Our vision is to act as a bridge between the physical and the virtual world. This by creating a “Square” of BIM knowledge and innovations that provide targeted advice and support.


Our strategy is simple, no words, but strong data of knowledge and skills that are shared by experienced specialists and integrated in solutions to posed issues.


BIMSQUARE is your point of contact for all your questions about BIM. We are a young dynamic company that has the knowledge and expertise in the field of BIM. Our specialists have worked for major national and international market leaders. We love all issues related to computerization and digitization of your real estate to make your building even smarter, more efficient and more visually transparent.

We are specialists with a proven background for the construction industry. We love real estate and digitization, and therefore delve into the latest technologies and set requirements and standards from politics or the market. This allows us to optimize your real estate from design phase to management and maintenance phase.

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Why choose bimsquare

Due to the diversity of our specialists and partners we work with, we find ourselves in the fields of expertise shown below and we have the knowledge and expertise of this.

We are your bridge to a good implementation of the BIM working method and advise you in the design of your information landscape and support you with all your BIM issues and issues that overlap with the aforementioned fields of expertise.

”We are your contact for questions about how you are doing in the field of BIM in the market”.
we are bimsquare

We are a young, dynamic and diverse team team with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of BIM and real estate. We are BIM managers, BIM coordinators, BIM modellers, architects, installers and constructors who have a goal in mind:

”solve all your issues regarding BIM, computerization and digitization of your real estate”

Analytically diving into your issue and solving it pragmatically with the latest knowledge and innovation in the field of BIM, computerization and digitization are our foundations.

JOIN bimsquare team

Are you a BIM specialist with a lot of knowledge in the field of computerization and digitization of real estate? Are you secretly in love with real estate? or do you have a passionate drive in digital innovations and would you like to solve issues from leading clients and market leaders?

Then we are looking for you! We are looking for new talents to strengthen our team. Our train of frontrunners in the field of BIM and real estate would like to be a frontrunner. This is the only way we remain at the forefront of the latest developments in the market.

Stuur jouw CV en motivatie naar ons toe door op de  button hieronder te klikken en wij nemen zo spoedig mogelijk contact met jou op.

Wij kijken uit om jou te verwelkomen!